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Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

Providing a dazzling centre point to the city, Victoria Harbour is a glittering poster child for all things Hong Kong. Wedged between the neon lights of mainland Hong Kong’s Kowloon and the heady skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island, not only is this harbour where all the action is, but it’s also home to a whole lot of heritage.

As the primary hub during the British colonisation of this fascinating region, it was originally named Hong Kong Harbour. But after becoming China’s most important harbour of the time, it was named after Queen Victoria – as so many places of importance were during this time, she was obviously quite the woman. And, despite having lost a lot of its trade to mainland ports, this harbour is still the ninth largest of its kind in the whole world.

Hopping on a Star Ferry to cross the renowned harbour is on most visitors bucket-lists, but this bustling part of town is so much more than just its waters. Home to a vast number of Hong Kong’s tallest buildings means that there are an awful lot of sky high dining and drinking opportunities to be had here. And you wouldn’t be in Hong Kong if you didn’t stumble across a fair few high end shopping malls. Expect glitz, expect glamour, but most of all, expect to be entertained.

And it’s all backdropped by earth’s most sought-after skyline – it doesn’t get better, surely?

Why add Victoria Harbour to your itinerary

Forgetting its history for a second, Victoria Harbour’s Symphony of Lights marks the world’s largest permanent lights, lasers and sound show. Well, we did promise that it was special didn’t we. Featuring near enough 50 of Hong Kong’s most iconic skyscrapers and performing a 14-minute extravaganza every night, it’s no wonder that this is where most visitors are swayed to spend their evenings. The whole show has been carefully curated and set to music to create the ultimate man-made spectacle, and boy does it know how to enthrall – much like Hong Kong as a whole really.

Fancy seeing it from a different angle? Try sailing across Victoria Harbour on a junk-turned-floating-bar – the glitziest way to experience this city’s harbour delights. We mean, who wouldn’t enjoy sipping on champagne on one of the few remaining traditional red-sailed Chinese junk boats in the whole world.

Ok, so you’ve heard about Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, but what about Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars? Here you’ll find the handprints of all of this region’s most glamorous stars artistically smattered across the walkway. And no, you don’t have to be familiar with all of their names to find this attraction interesting.

And it just simply wouldn’t be Hong Kong without the chance to get in some views. Step on the Hong Kong Observation Wheel – the city’s giant ferris wheel – for even more sweeping views of this iconic harbour.

For something a little quirky, head on up to Central Plaza’s very own church – located at the top of the city’s third tallest skyscraper this chapel holds the title as the highest of its kind in the world. Hong Kong sure does love a superlative, doesn’t it?

Victoria Harbour essential information


The stretch of water that separates Hong Kong Island from Hong Kong mainland.

Opening times

All day and more importantly, all night – to catch the Symphony of Lights, make sure that you’re there just before their nightly 8pm kick-off.

Getting in

Free to wander, unless you decide to jump on a Star Ferry across it of course.

Dress code

As dressed up or dressed down as you like, but there are a few nice bars around here so you might just want to dig something a little smarter out of your suitcase – just in case.

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