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Things To Do In Lijiang

For many, the highlight of visiting Lijiang is the World Heritage old town. Built in the 13th century, a stroll along the narrow, atmospheric alleyways will transport you back in time with Naxi-style buildings and ancient waterways flowing from Black Dragon Pool Park, a short walk north of the old town. At the park, join everyone else in taking an obligatory photo of the towering Jade Dragon Snow Mountain across the water before visiting the Dongba Cultural Museum to see ancient Naxi artefacts. A short climb up Lion Hill offers fantastic panoramic views of the town and mountain.

About six miles outside of the village is Baisha - the ancient capital of the Naxi people. This idyllic town lures visitors with its beautiful murals housed inside the Dabaoji Palace. These murals took around 300 years to create and are a fusion of art from Naxi, Tibetan and Han nationalities. The village has a much more laid-back feel compared to Lijiang old town, though there’s still a surprising number of cafés and shops. Overlooking Baisha is the dramatic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Don’t miss the chance to hike into the foothills for some spectacular views and the chance to visit a Tibetan monastery.

Finish off your trip to Lijiang with an unforgettable evening at the Naxi Orchestra. Listen to age-old Naxi music from the Han, Tang, Song and Yuan Dynasties, played on original instruments by classically-trained musicians. This is a great way to learn about the Naxi cultural heritage and experience a beautiful dying art that has been lost elsewhere in China.

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Experiences and attractions in Lijiang

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

As ethereal as the name suggests, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain consists of 13, snow-capped peaks of adventure loving fun. Primarily known for being a ski resort, but also just a scenic spot renowned for its hiking opportunities and gobsmacking glacier park, this small mountain range has got it all going on.

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