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Tailor Made Holidays to Yangtze River

Here you are, thinking that you’re too cool for cruising and yet, here Yangtze River is to prove you wrong. You’re still cool don’t worry. It’s just that in this epic destination, so is cruising. The longest river in all of China and the third longest river in the world, Yangtze makes for a great bucket-list stop for any superlative lovers. And let’s face it, that’s all of us. 

It may have some stiff competition, but these dramatic, deep cut gorges are some of earth’s best. And meandering its way through China’s heartland for a mighty 6,300 km, there’s plenty of sights to go round – the mountains are gigantic, the culture is rich and the river winding. Labelling the endless scenery ‘picturesque’ would be but an understatement. 

But you’re never going to travel it in full. We mean, you could, but there’s really no need, because travelling from Chongqing to Yichang – or vice versa – is where it’s at. Passing through the renowned Three Gorges, this is considered by many to be the most scenic section of the river, and well, who are we to argue? And aren’t you lucky to be able to journey along it. Once too dangerous to navigate and now one of the most sought-after spots of the river, this portion of water owes a lot of thanks to a record holder in itself, the fairly recently constructed Three Gorges Dam. Because – as if you needed anymore – Three Gorges is the biggest dam in the world, didn’t you know.

Sleepy, yet powerfully compelling, this is the ‘Mother River’ as far as the Chinese are concerned. It’s China’s throbbing heart, its spiritual soul and its natural divider for centuries – a cruise on the Yangtze is a journey along China’s most vital vein.

Oh, Yangtze. It really is a beauty. And, as an ever-popular destination with Chinese tourists, we can pretty much guarantee that this one is worth the visit. Simply start with our Yangtze Discovery base itinerary or click the 'Cruise' button to add a three day Yangtze River cruise to our Panoramas & Pandas itinerary. Head over to the itinerary builder to start planning your adventure.

Experiences & Attractions in Yangtze River

From the world record holding dam to the record holding river itself, Yangtze is one for the superlative lovers. Then there’s a Ghost City – an interesting place to stretch your legs – and time for daily reflection with the cruise’s tai chi lessons. And the sights, well they’re endless.

Want to tailor your holiday around your own interests? Simply add an experience pack to your trip. Have a look at our Itinerary Builder to see what else you could be doing!

Fengdu Ghost City

A key stop on any Yangtze River cruise, Fengdu Ghost City is not for the faint hearted. Peppered with shrines, temples and monasteries, as well as artistic depictions of ghosts, devils and generally quite disturbing afterlife imagery, this is the ultimate pitstop when it comes to taking in China’s quirky history.

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Three Gorges Dam

Holding the record as the longest ‘building’ – or architectural structure as is were – in the world, the Three Gorges Dam is quite the engineering marvel. Born out of necessity, to make the most beautiful but also the most treacherous parts of the spectacular Yangtze River passable, the dam is now a key source of tourism in its own right.

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Yangtze River Inspiration

Taking you on a journey through time, the great Yangtze is a river that can’t be understood unless you’ve travelled it. In saying that, have a read of our blogs and we’ll do our best to get you involved in all that it has to offer.

From Dim Sum to Peking Duck
10 Dishes You Have To Try In China

Chinese food may be different, but it’s also very, very good.

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