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Tailor Made Holidays To India

You could go for the food. You could go for the temples, the beaches, the epic train journeys, the tigers or to soothe your troubled soul in a land where spirituality is woven into the fabric of everyday life. You could go on a tour of India for all these things, and we’d forgive you for feeling a bit smug for ending up with so many ticks on your list.

In the end, though, you’ll go for the people. Because this is a nation that’s so inclusive, so utterly immersive, that within minutes of hitting the streets it feels totally normal to see rickshaw drivers breezily risking life and limb to go the extra mile, or locals offering up samples of delicious delicacies.

Indian man playing an instrument

This is a place where the cup of the history buff, or the architecture nut, is full to overflowing. Steel yourself for the poverty, and the children in rags, but also marvel at the sunsets, the splendour of the national parks, and, of course, the tea (no-one does a cuppa quite like here). And you might want to abandon any notion of personal space during touring holidays to India too – this is a country that likes to do everything at very close quarters – but you will be amazed at how quickly you shrug off that cloak of Western reserve. The sooner the better, we say. A holiday of a lifetime lies right around the corner.

Our top India tour destinations

Navigating your way through bustling markets in Old Delhi, gazing in wonder at the illustrious Taj Mahal, riding through dense green valleys looking for tigers, or lying back and listening to the waves in Goa… however you want to do India, you can do it in style. Our Indian destinations are handpicked to showcase the best of what this thrilling and diverse country has to offer. It’s up to you now.  

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A one-time hippie traveller haven – now a loved-by-all beach getaway – Goa is not to be missed. It may be a tiny little state on India’s east coast, but it’s got a big heart. As well as being the undisputed king of sunbathing spots, sleepy traditional fishing villages, imposing colonial architecture and pumping nightlife also await in Goa.

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Like Delhi, Mumbai is an all-encompassing city, being home to 18 million people, the world’s biggest slum and the most expensive house on Earth. From authentic street food to the Bollywood lifestyle, there’s much to see, and even more to do. Visit gigantic museums, historic train stations and watch hundreds of locals washing their clothes on the ghats.

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Home to 17 million people, India’s capital city is chaotic, colourful and always full of surprises. It has two distinct sides to it, so you can spend the morning whizzing round the historic Old Town in a tuk tuk – bartering for treasures and dodging the cows – and the evening sipping cocktails in the hipster bars of New Delhi. 

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Also known as the 'Pink City', for the terracotta colour of its buildings, Jaipur is one corner of India’s Golden Triangle – and you’ll soon discover why it’s such a draw for visitors. It’s big, it’s bold, and there’s heaps to do and see. If you’re into history, this city has got you covered; you’ll be instantly transported back to another age as you wander around its palaces and forts.

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The gleaming white city of Udaipur, arguably one of the most romantic settings in the country, sits on the edge of a lake, surrounded by a magnificent mountain range. Also known as the ‘City of Lakes’, Udaipur is renowned for its royal palaces – and is regal and relaxing in equal measure.

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Most famous for the Taj Mahal, Agra is a city of imposing forts, marble tombs and romantic history – if you’re a fan of Mughal architecture, this is the place to come. And as well as the ancient splendor, there’s Old Agra, where you can get lost within the winding streets, barter with the locals at the late-night markets and peer into tiny temples.

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Experiences and attractions in India

Wondering what to see in India? Iconic monuments, bustling markets and UNESCO World Heritage sites - this is a country that satisfies the most curious of minds and intrepid of travellers. From the Taj Mahal to India Gate – both built to commemorate those loved and lost – to the street market chaos of the Chandni Chowk or the sanctuary of Lotus Temple, a trip to India is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Palolem Beach

Why not enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle, to visit one of the states most beautiful beaches, take advantage of the breath-taking scenery to relax and unwind.

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Gateway of India

Beloved by locals and visitors to Mumbai alike – the Gateway of India is considered to be Mumbai’s top tourist attraction

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Marine Drive

It’s seems unlikely that a six-lane concrete highway in South Mumbai should have earned its place as one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions, but, as the saying goes, it’s a funny old world.

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Elephanta Caves

Elephant Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mumbai Harbour named after the elephant statues that Portuguese settlers found on the island during their early exploration of India.

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Humayun's Tomb

This magnificent monument to the second Mughal emperor was the first garden tomb in India, and set in motion an architectural trend that peaked 80 years later with the construction of the Taj.

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India Gate

This magnificent structure rises above its surroundings, and is even more impressive at night.

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At a Glance

  • Time Difference

    GMT +4.5 hours

  • Flight Time

    10 hours (direct)

  • Currency

    Indian Rupee

  • Language


  • Electricity


Visa requirements

You’ll need a visa to travel to India. Make sure it’s the right visa for your travel, that it’s valid for the length and purpose of your stay and that you have at least six months left on your passport from the date you arrive in India. You can travel to India on an e-Visa, which allows you to stay for up to 60 days. See for details.


Visit your doctor at least six weeks prior to travel to check which vaccinations you need.

Your Pre-Travel need-to-know

India travel guide

When to visit

Broadly speaking, India has three seasons – summer (March-May), monsoon (June-October) and winter (November- February). It sounds counter-intuitive but most people plan to visit during the winter season, when the climate is warm without being oppressive, and dry. In summer, the mercury rises to 40 degrees Celsius plus, and during monsoon season it rains a lot. Obviously. The choice is yours…  

Money and tipping

The currency is the Indian rupee (denoted  as INR), and there are 90 rupees to the pound. For restaurant meals of between INR 300 and INR 1000, a tip of between 7-10% of the bill is considered appropriate. If you really push the boat out and spend upwards of INR 1,000, a tip of 5-7% will do nicely. At hotels expect to tip INR 100 per person per night. Tour guides should get between INR 100 and 300 per day, depending on the size of the group.

Ettiquette and clothing

Indians like to dress conservatively, and any tight or revealing clothing is best saved for parts of the world that better appreciate a flash of midriff. Keep legs and shoulders covered, and always remove your shoes when visiting someone in their home and before entering a religious building. If in doubt, do as the Indians do. A quick look around at what the locals are up to will help spare your blushes. Other quick tips on how to fare well in India: don’t point (it’s rude), avoid being overly affectionate in public (considered obscene), and avoid eating or handling objects with your left hand. You know why.


Be mindful that India is a religious, spiritual country, and behave appropriately when you visit. The vast majority of people are Hindus (some 80 per cent), with around 15 per cent of the population following the Muslim faith. The remaining 5 per cent are Christian, Sikh, Buddhist or Jain. Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism originated in India, and are also known as Dharmic faiths.

India Inspiration

Our tailor-made holidays to India will sweep you off your feet with glorious temples, beautiful beaches, bustling cities and the warmest welcome you’ll find anywhere on the globe. It’s impossible to return unchanged – and all the better for it.

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